Pix Trove

Welcome to Pix Trove

Pix Trove is a simple repository for storing photos and other image files. Each user has a folder into which they can upload images. These images are then available on the World Wide Web to anyone with the correct web address.

To view the photos, there are no logins, social commentary prompts, likes, dislikes, shares or other complications. Rather than circulating photos amongst your friends, for discussion and review, as you would on various social networks, Pix Trove is intended to provide just the photos (anonymously if required), so that you can make them accessible to a wider network. For example, you may want to show your wedding photos to great aunty Flo, without needing to teach her how to sign up to a social media site, or to office colleagues who you don't necessarily want to invite into your personal network of friends, or you may have some product photos that you want to share with potential clients.

This site is still in the early development stage. Should you wish to try it out, we can sign you up for a trial account, on the understanding that the features and conditions of use are yet to be finalised. If you are interested, please read more about it here.